Oil and Gas Fuel Volume Sensing

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It’s late November in the northeast and you’re packing to head to your Florida condo until April. The forecasters predict a long, frigid winter with below average temperatures. What happens if your furnace runs low on fuel?

If your home is monitored with the SecureHEAT™ Oil or Gas Volume Monitor solution, you’re in good hands. Because the instant your monitor detects that fuel volume is below normal, it sends an alert to your home energy service provider who can refill your tank before the pipes freeze or even burst.


SecureHEAT Oil Monitors and Gas Volume Monitors Brings 24/7 Peace of Mind

The SecureHEAT Oil and Gas Volume Monitor application gives you 24/7 peace of mind. It monitors oil or gas tank volume ‘round the clock and alerts your home energy service provider to potentially hazardous events such as:

  • Low fuel
  • Disconnected fuel monitor
  • Faulty fuel monitor
  • Low monitor battery


Enjoy Easy Installation By Your Home Energy Service Provider

All you need to get started with a SecureHEAT oil or gas tank volume monitor application is a standard analog telephone. Your home energy service provider installs your customer monitor kit. We offer internal and external installation options for oil tanks and offer a special gauge for gas furnace installations.

SecureHEAT also integrates with modern digital services including DSL, VOIP and cable phone. For more information on how it works, go to the Product Overview.


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